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If you would like to open an RMA for a BF-Q180 please call our Customer Service team at
1-800-401-1086. They will be happy to help you. All other RMAs can be submitted as usual.
Welcome to the Olympus Repair Services Web Portal. On this site you can submit a service order, track the status of your repairs, view 120-day repair histories, and view your facility's equipment inventory … all online, 24/7.

Repair Prevention Tips:

  • Ensure that all staff who come in contact with equipment understand and follow prescribed use and handling.
  • Inspect equipment on a routine basis. Check watertight caps, pistons and visible seals for wear and tear.
  • Leakage test equipment prior to reprocessing to avoid fluid invasion.
  • Never force buttons, switches or angulation capabilities during use.
  • Fix minor damage before it becomes a major repair.

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